About me

Iker Zuñiga

Born in 1996, I grew up in Donostia, studied Photography and postproduction in Madrid after finishing my bachelor and masters in business and innovation in Start Up´s in Ireland and Spain.

My passion for photography goes back to my 21st birthday, when a close person gave me my first camera. From that moment on, I have been pursuing a career in photography. I still remember the day in which looking through a big window at work, in the middle of a beautiful snowy day, I could found no reason to be in the wrong side of the glass.

After working in Latin America and Europe, I am now on a scholarship documenting the architecture and interior design of Studio Jencquel in Bali, Indonesia. Despite having not formal training in architecture, I give my perspective about what does what I photograph represent for society and for the place it belongs to maintaining the myst while telling a story that acompasses architect’s and designer’s ideas.

By this I found a way to give significance to what I do combining my knowledge in photography and innovation.

Photo Stefanie Gasser