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Aiete’s Palace I


Aiete’s palace was design in 1878 by the architect Adolfo Ombrecht for the Bailen’s Dukes. After the death of the duke, it began to be a space in which the royal family spent their summers. In 1912 was bought by Valencia’s duke for 1.800€, who years later, in 1940 sold it to San Sebastian’s consistory. Between it’s walls one of the most important decision of our recent history, not involving Spain in the Second world war, was made.


  • Edition of 5.
  • 30 cm square format print with a 3cm white margin in each side.
  • Print available to choose between fine art Hahnemühle and Ilford’s highest quality paper’s in a certified printing laboratory.
  • Author’s sign and limited edition number (e.g: 1/5) written in the white margin under the photograph.
  • Handmade artwork’s authenticity certificate.

* Shipping prices, taxes and custom prices are not included.

* Custom sizes available on request.

* Printing, signing and shipping takes 4 to 6 weeks.

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