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Urgull’s bulwark


San Sebastian’s bulwark was built in the 12th century a.C to guard the city from their enemy’s bouts. Despite existing for more than 800 years, you can still see loopholes from the battles fought to defend the city. Where yesteryears vigilant’s and unsuccessful raiders lived, we can today experience history.


  • Edition of 5.
  • 30 cm square format print with a 3cm white margin in each side.
  • Print available to choose between fine art Hahnemühle and Ilford’s highest quality paper’s in a certified printing laboratory.
  • Author’s sign and limited edition number (e.g: 1/5) written in the white margin under the photograph.
  • Handmade artwork’s authenticity certificate.

* Shipping prices, taxes and custom prices are not included.

* Custom sizes available on request.

* Printing, signing and shipping takes 4 to 6 weeks.

Out of stock